What can NASA do to close gap between Uhuru and Raila?

What can NASA do to close gap between Uhuru and Raila?

What can NASA do to close gap between Uhuru and Raila?

A number of commentators (and political actors) have repeatedly raised doubts about some contradictory results of the survey.

One in particular is the contrast between the proportion of Kenyans who believe the country is “going in the wrong direction” but expressed their intention to vote for the Jubilee government on duty (at least by the president and vice president) in the next choice.

Although much of their dismay is clearly motivated by partisan politics, this contrast must be taken into account. Although more research is needed to explore correctly, it can be suggested that the “direction” perceived by a country involves much more than approving the performance of individual leaders or their policies for more generally.

To take an example, this recent Ipsos poll found that more than two-thirds of all Kenyans believe the current leadership of the country is “false,” though with much of NASA’s supporters of the Jubilee, this (negative) 91% vs. 52%). However, between the two categories of respondents, the proportion of those who cited “cost of living” for “the main reason” of this view was the same (68%).

But how much is the cost of living can be placed directly in the door of any national government? World market prices (in particular for oil products), climatic conditions, conditions in neighboring countries (especially those in which trade depends heavily), and so on are also factors.
“Management” perceived by Kenya should take into account that most of Kenyatta (Kikuyu) and Ruto (kalenjin) and decided that they would be in better condition than Kenia with their leadership. Ethnic communities? Because, in fact, a vote (even verbal expressed in an interview-survey) is a choice between two (or more) specific options, not just an opinion.

In other words, while we may assume that many ethnic-country voters of the present Jubilee leadership are less satisfied with their present condition, it might be more realistic to imagine that they would rather not vote than to help elect someone an “alternative” ethnic community, in particular With someone they see, incorrectly or otherwise, as it can cause even more damage to their properties and their poor.

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