Mattis says Trump “wide open” on Paris climate accord

Mattis says Trump “wide open” on Paris climate accord

Mattis says Trump “wide open” on Paris climate accord

President Trump is “very open” on whether the United States should remain in the Paris climate deal, Defense Secretary James Mattis said “Face the Nation” in an interview on Saturday.

The president promised during his campaign to withdraw the United States from the pact, an international agreement in nearly 200 countries to limit carbon emissions in order to fight against climate change.
Mr. Trump’s advisers are divided on the basis of the United States. The president, during his visit to the G7 summit in Europe this week, refused to join other national leaders to reaffirm his commitment to the Paris Agreement. He said on Twitter this week that he would make a final decision on the issue next week.

Face-Nation presenter John Dickerson on Saturday called on the Secretary of Defense to take the Paris agreement, in particular, on the role of national security in climate change.

“Obviously we had a discussion about our policy in this regard,” Mattis said. “I was about to participate in some of the discussions in Brussels, through climate change, and the president was open was curious why the others were in the position they were in – their counterparts from other countries – and I’m pretty sure That the president is very open on this issue as it takes the advantages and disadvantages of this agreement. ”

Mattis also said that the United States’ position on climate change is beyond its competence as Secretary of Defense.

“Frankly, this is not in my portfolio. Obviously, we are dealing with aspects of climate change in the Ministry of Defense, and for us, it is just one of many factors that we approach to what we call the physical environment.”

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