Cow is pious like peacock, says Rajasthan judge ‘speaking from soul’

Cow is pious like peacock, says Rajasthan judge ‘speaking from soul’

Cow is pious like peacock, says Rajasthan judge ‘speaking from soul’

Shortly after recommending the center of the cow the national animal, Rajasthan Judge, Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma, defended his position by stating that the cow helps us in all possible ways.

Citing the Hindu scriptures, including the Ramayana and the Vedas, Judge Sharma said that cow’s milk has been used to cure various diseases. “I made the recommendations to the center. It is the voice of my soul that speaks,” he told the media off the field.

He wondered why the cow was to be the national animal, Judge Sharma said the peacock became the national bird of India because “it is a Brahmachari.” Peacock Divine qualities like cow – Peahen does not have to have sex to get pregnant, backed up only from the “tears” of the peacock, “he said.

A woman is standing with an ox waiting for donations from pedestrians used to feed animals in Mumbai May 30, 2017.

Addressing life sentences for the slaughter of cows, Judge Sharma said his suggestion would only be enforced by the state of Rajasthan, but he hopes the legislation was eventually adopted nationwide.

Earlier, Judge Sharma said, “This problem is related to sympathy, conviction and faith, to say that protection and respect for the cow are important. We must protest against this, so we can protect our animals. To our parents, we must respect the cows, “said ANI judge of the High Court of Rajasthan, Mahesh Chandra Sharma.
Earlier in the day, a hearing on the subject Hingonia Gaushala recommends Cow Center to become the national animal, adding that the punishment for slaughter cows should be limited to perpetuity.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and the Deputy Director General (ADG) of the police have asked to prepare a report every three months on stability and the court also ordered the Secretary and urban development and housing Municipal Commissioner (UDH) to visit once a month.

Sharma also asked the forest department to plant 5000 plants in the granary each year.

The ruling follows the decision of the Center regarding the ban on the sale of cattle for the massacre, which faces strong opposition from the governments of the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tripura.

At the beginning of last year, after the death of more than one hundred cows in recent weeks in a government-managed barn in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the government had requested a report on this issue and promised to improve the situation in Hingonia Gaushala

Reports indicate that cow deaths were due to a supposed shelf-life in maintaining stability.

“The Minister requested a report on Hingonia Gaushala. We developed a work plan and action plan to improve the situation there,” said Minister Rajendra Rathore Rajasthan.

According to reports, the authorities initially said that the dead cows were already sick and malnourished.

There are more than 8000 Hingonia Gaushala cows which are occupied by a team of 14 veterinarians, breeders and 24 200 other employees.

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