AAP Hackathon For Vote Machines (EVMs) On Same Day As Election Commission

AAP Hackathon For Vote Machines (EVMs) On Same Day As Election Commission

AAP Hackathon For Vote Machines (EVMs) On Same Day As Election Commission

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal held on Saturday an EVM or electronic voting machine “hackathon”, the same day of the Election Commission’s infection for the parties to prove counterfeiting allegations.

AAP said its “counter-hackathon” aims to demonstrate that the exercise of the election commission “is a farce.”

“Under the same conditions in which the Election Commission maintains its challenge, AAP demonstrate its own machine, we say to ingest. We invite political parties and all the experts of the world to come,” said Saurabh Bharadwaj AAP.

M. Bhardwaj, who had held a live demonstration last month in the whole of the forging of a Delhi prototype, said the head of the electoral commission Nasim Zaidi, also invited.

The party in power in Delhi has been the most aggressive in claiming that the EVM processed during the recent state elections. But he decided to take up the challenge of the Electoral Commission, complaining that the rules are too restrictive and the only thing that could be done was to squeeze the four voting machines that were used in the last state elections.
AAP said that its hackathon shows that “no machine can be altered by touching buttons.”

The powerful electoral body, which organized the challenge of dealing with allegations that the voting machines can and have been manipulated, said it would not allow any modification of the machine’s hardware. In addition, participants can only bring wireless and toolless devices and can only touch the buttons.

The left-wing CPI-M party and the Nationalist Congress Party were the only ones to apply to participate in the Election Commission’s challenge.

The Commission invited seven national parties and 49 States parties to request the dispute, which will be transmitted live on the web.

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